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Pupil Judges

This information is for FIFe pupil Judges who wants to attend one of our shows as pupil.

Request have to be send to shows@felisbelgica.be minimum 1 months before the show, but prefferably as soon as possible because the high amount of request.

Pupil places are limited and we accept on a first come first served basis. We try to accept 1 pupil per cattegory for INT. show to ensure that the pupils we have accepted have a nice amount and quality of cats.

We reserve the right to refuse pupil applications.

Zandvliet 23-24/02/2019

Armenstraatje, Zandvliet

ZAT: Cat. 1&2

ZON: Cat. 3&4

Beide dagen 2 Certificaten.

Beide dagen Max 160 katten.

Keurmeester Cat Land
Veikko Saarela ALL Finland
Jorgen Billing ALL Denemarken
Kateryna Ovanesian B-2-3-C Oekraine
Mina Krogh ALL Denemarken
Dietmar Sagurski ALL Duitsland
Anne Paloluoma 1-2-3-C Finland
Olga Sizova ALL Rusland
Fanny Tavernise 4 Zwitserland
Hana Klein 1-2 Italië


de inschrijvingen zijn afgesloten


Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Bobby Funk D Duitsland
Laura Scholten A Nederland




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