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Health and Welfare Commission

The Health and Welfare Committee (GWC) advises the board and members of Felis Belgica health and welfare of cats. In order to the committee is assisted by an advisory veterinarian. The committee is responsible for health policy and veterinary controls on the events and steps shall monitor compliance with welfare rules within Felis Belgica.

The committee, the members of Felis Belgica example, advice on carrying out genetic tests for the breeding, the measures to be taken to isolate outbreaks, or establishment of animal shelters in order to increase their general welfare

Health & Welfare Commission
Commission Chairman: Kristof Van Roy
Secretary: -
Acting Member: Marcel Hogenboom
Acting Member: Michele Lateur

Recommendations and Obligations
Recommended ultrasound testing : HCM - PKD - HD - HP
BAER test WHITE CATS Deaf cats are not allowed for breeding.
X-ray for Patellar Luxation ABY/SOM, BEN, DRX, EXO/PER, MCO, NFO RECOMMENDED
X-ray for hip dysplasia ABY/SOM, BEN, DRX, EXO/PER, MCO, NFO RECOMMENDED
DNA Tests
Bloodgroup DNA not fully validates for all breeds SEROLOGICAL test for BEN, EUR, RAG, SIB, TUA
Bengal progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-b) Bengal RECOMMENDED
Burmese Head Defect (BHD) Burmese RECOMMENDED
Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (COLQ) Devon Rex & Sphynx RECOMMENDED
Gangliosidosis (GM1/BLB1) & (GM2/HEXB) Korat OBLIGATORY
Gangliosidosis (GM2/HEXB) Burmese OBLIGATORY
Gangliosidosis (GM1/BLB1) Balinese, Siamese, Oriental Short & Longhair, Peterbald RECOMMENDED
Glycogen Storage Disease type IV (GSD IV) Norwegian Forrest Cat OBLIGATORY
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (MyBPC3/A31P) Maine Coon RECOMMENDED
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (MyBPC3/R820W) Ragdoll RECOMMENDED
Hypokalaemia Burmilla, Burmese, Singapura RECOMMENDED
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PDK1/AD-PKD) British Short & Longhair, Exotic, Persian, Selkirk Rex RECOMMENDED
Pryruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK) Abessinian, Somali, Bengal, La Perm, Singapura RECOMMENDED
Retinal Degeneration II (CEP290/rdAc-PRA) Balinese, Siamese, Oriental Short & Longhair, Peterbald OBLIGATORY
Retinal Degeneration II (CEP290/rdAc-PRA) Abessinian, Somali, Ocicat RECOMMENDED
Spinal Muscular Athrophy (SMA) Maine Coon RECOMMENDED

FBe Summer Show 17&18/08/2019

Houtemveld Tienen

Closing of the entrees: 3 weeks before the show or when the max is reached...

Saturday KORAT special


Keurmeester Cat Land
Mats Askett 1&2 Sweden
Marcin Biernaczyk 3&4 Poland
Jurgita Gustaitiene ALL Lithuania
Pia Nyman B-2-3-4 Finland
Steven Jones ALL Norway
Marie Westerlund ALL Sweden
Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Georges Dorgiakis 2 Greece
Lizz Parry 4-3 Switzerland
Caroline Stoa 3 Norway



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