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Online Membership Application

Do you like cats? Do you believe that national and international cooperation is necessary? Do you put the cat's well-being above all else? Then become a member of Felis Belgica, because we think the same way!

Membership can be applied for via this online application form. The request will then be handled by our member manager and he/she will always send you a confirmation email. As soon as the payment of the membership fee is confirmed, the membership card will be sent to you.


There are several ways in which you can become a member of our association, but only head members can register a cattery.

only after our confirmation

You can proceed with the payment of the annual subscription which must be made in favor of our treasurer.

Felis Belgica vzw
IBAN: BE89 7390 2077 6185
(ALWAYS indicate the name of the Member and the year of registration)

Please note that 7,50€ of administrative costs are added to the annual subscription, unless you register a cattery name at the same time.

Your form has been sent!


become member & register your fife cattery name

Full member


has right to vote at G.A. and can register a cattery

family member


must belong to a FULL member family, has right to vote at G.A. but can NOT register a cattery

junior member


max 17 years, must belong to a FULL member family


who does not breed under Felis Belgica, but just wants to support the club. They have no voting rights and can not register a cattery, but they get the mailings / information and a discount at shows.

supporting member


Online Cattery Registration

Only head members of Felis Belgica can request a cattery. This name is registered in a central database of FIFe and remains assigned to the applicant for life.

A cattery name is also not transferable. So think carefully about the name you specify.

You must also always enter 3 names. The name you prefer is placed first. The name may never contain more than 15 characters, including punctuation marks and spaces. You can choose to always put the cattery name before the name of the cat, then you choose it as a prefix (= prefix). If you prefer to see the name of the cattery after the name of the cat, register the name as a suffix (= suffix).

After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation email and once payment has been received, the application will be processed. As soon as the cattery name is approved by FIFe, you will receive a cattery registration card. Please note that this can take a few days.

ATTENTION: When choosing a cattery name, you cannot use a cat breed, abbreviation of a cat breed or the word Cat and Cattery.

Registration of a cattery name: 40€

Your form has been sent!

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