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Online Show Registration
for Owner and exhibitors

We only accept registrations through our online system.

Select your club or federation: the system itself sends a copy to the following federations.

For all other federations it is your responsibility to provide a copy to your club.

As soon as you press the button "send" of the online form, you get a confirmation saying that the form has been sent. We have therefore received it by email, thank you.
The official confirmation letter will be sent from our show secretariat AFTER the closing of the entries ( = 30 July 2023 for Glabbeek ). Please be patient.

Requests cannot always be granted!

By registering I declare that the information provided is truthful and correct and that I will respect the FIFe show regulations. I also confirm that I have entered my cats in the correct class, in accordance with FIFe show regulations.

For non FIFe members only in classes 09/10/11/12.

fbe show entry

Practical guide for new exhibitors

Vendors and Stewards Application

show contacts:

Registration office FBe / Judges / Pupil Judges:

Registration stewards:

Publicity Catalogue:

Kristof Van Roy

+32 499770970

Tel.: +32 477583436

Shops - logistics - PR:

Show hall - Show Info - Catering:

titles registration

Once you have decided to show your cats, you will be able to validate the results obtained by converting them into titles, which will be recorded in the pedigree book of Felis Belgica and also mentioned in the pedigrees of the cats. It goes without saying that only certificates obtained at FIFe cat shows will be accepted. Once you have obtained the necessary show certificates for your cat, you can submit them  (duplicate or scanned), adding your contact details (address, phone number) and your membership number. Once the last required certificate is obtained, it is important to note that you have a period of one month to send in all acquired certificates. For example, after the  third CAC certificate you have obtained, if you want to register your cat's champion title, then you will have to submit the data within one month.

As soon as the title registration payment has been received, the title registrar will send you an official certificate. At this time, the title is also included in the pedigree book. If you wish, in addition to the certificate, to obtain a champion's ribbon, this can be purchased during a Felis Belgica show. The number of certificates to be obtained for each title can be viewed below. 

The title registration form can also be downloaded from the Download Center page.

Cost for one title: € 10,00.


  • CH/PR: 7€

  • IC/IP: 9€

  • GIC/GIP: 11€

  • SC/SP: 13€

  • JW/DSM/DVM/NW: 20€



3 CAC or CAP, respectively:

 by 3 different judges


3 CACIB or CAPIB respectively, by 3 different judges, in at least 2 different countries


6 CAGCIB or CAGPIB respectively:

by at least 3 different judges / in at least 3 different countries


8 CAGCIB or CAGPIB respectively:

by at least 4 different judges / in  at least different countries


9 CACS or CAPS respectively:

 by at least 3 different judges / in at least 3 different countries


11 CACS or CAPS respectively:

by at least 6 different judges / in at least 2 different countries


You must register under the conditions determined by the organizer. You can always also use the official FIFe registration form.
Please note, you must always have your registration confirmed by Felis Belgica, simply by informing our person in charge of cat shows abroad.
The FIFe show calendar can be found under :


FBe National winners

(honorary gallery)

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