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Clubs and Breed Clubs under Felis Belgica

The Felis Belgica breed clubs are groups that represent the interests of one or more breeds. They bring the breeder members within their breed together and, where possible, seek cooperation with similar breed clubs and working groups of other associations. The breed clubs and working groups are responsible for the organization of specials at the exhibitions in collaboration with the exhibition committee and offer kitten mediation, relocation service and stud lists for their specific breed. They can answer all race-related questions like no other.

The clubs under Felis Belgica are associations that organize cat shows or other events in the interest of their members.
The members of the clubs are automatically also affiliated with Felis Belgica for the registration of their cattery and obtaining pedigrees.

Club Italia

Fbe Clubs

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Belgian Ragdoll Club (BRC)

Fbe breed clubs & working groups


Feline Teddy Bears

Fbe breed clubs & working groups

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