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the club - felis belgica

Felis Belgica is a cat association that is the only association representing FIFe in Belgium. FIFe stands for Féderation Internationale Féline and is an umbrella organization in which 40 countries are actively involved. A kind of united nations of the cat world, so to speak, with its origins in Belgium, France and Italy.

In addition to a cat association, of which all cat lovers, breeders and sympathizers can become a member, we are also a federation, with which other cat associations in Belgium that want to cooperate under the umbrella of FIFe can also join.

As an association, we have chosen FIFe because we strongly believe that uniformity and transparency are necessary. By cooperating with other FIFe members and by complying with the same regulations regarding cat welfare, breed standards, show progress, cattery registration, pedigree registration and training of judges, Felis Belgica guarantees that our pedigrees enjoy international recognition, that there are international catteries are never registered under the same or a similar name, that the well-trained FIFe judges at our show always inspect according to the same uniform breed standards and, above all, that all affiliated members can rely on the knowledge of our health and welfare committee to ensure the well-being of improve the cats.

Felis Belgica believes that passion for cats transcends national borders and therefore attaches great importance to the international character of our association. Only together can we put the interests of the cat first and take the cat hobby to a higher level!

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