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The International Feline Federation (or FIFe) was created under the leadership of the French Marguerite Ravel in 1949, in order to bring together under one flag the various European feline federations of the time. Today FIFe has more than forty members on various continents and can be considered as one of the biggest feline federations in the world. She also participated in the constitution of the World Cat Congress (WCC) which brings together the biggest feline federations in the world (CFA, TICA, WCF, etc…).


FIFe can be considered as the United Nations Organization of Cat Federations. Indeed, all the members have chosen to submit to unified regulations concerning breed, breeding and registration standards, affixes, exhibitions, judges and their training.
Mutual interests - and consolidated over many years, as well as the demanding training of judges have helped to forge the quality and reputation of FIFe all over the world.
The FIFe is organized in various commissions which organize and regulate the activities related to the purebred cat: standards, breeding, exhibition, judges. However, all points must be approved by a majority of members at its annual General Assembly (one member = 1 vote).
FIFe emphasizes the health and well-being of cats through its various regulations. It is also one of the rare federations to have a Health and Welfare Commission.

Read all FIFe rules you should comply with when becoming a member of Felis Belgica:

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