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Next show in Glabbeek (BE)


FIFe 2 certificates per day show weekend.

Registration online via:

Registration period opens 1st July and closes on 30 July 2023.


€ 60,00 per cat in a personal cage (max. dimensions 65 x 65 cm)

€ 65,00 per cat in a club cage

€ 25,00 per Extra cage (or extra space in case personal cage is more then 65 cm)

€ 8,00 extra for class 13b/c or late entry


Open to public 09h00-17h00 both days.

All cat breeds are present both days.

Entry fee: 6€ for adults, 3€ for 12-18 years old, disabled persons and seniors (+65 years), free for kids under 12 years.

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