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Obituary - Mrs. Lili Anciau

Today, the 1st of February 2022, the FIFe Board was informed by its Belgian Member, Felis Belgica, that the International All Breed Judge Mrs. Lili Anciau (BE) died on the 5th of December 2021 at the age of 76 years. Mrs. Anciau joined the Belgian FIFe club in 1970 and bred Siamese, Abyssinians, Sacred Birmans, Burmese, Persian, Cornish and Devon Rex under the cattery name Van Ingeing for many years. She was actively involved in the former Belgian cat club in various positions and was a member of the FIFe Judges Commission for 3 years. She passed her judges exam in category IV in 1981, III in 1984, I in 1986 and II in 1988. Lili mastered 7 languages and judged all over the world for many years. She preferred the company of cats and dogs over people. The Board of FIFe extends its sincere condolences to Lili’s family and friends and to the Belgian FIFe Member Felis Belgica.


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